Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ken's cleanup

The gateway computer at the Greater London Authority is called gate.london.gov.uk, with the ip address Searching Wikipedia for edits from this address shows results that are generally boring and worthy, but on August 29th 2006 someone using a GLA computer did a big clean-up job on Ken Livingstone's entry. Click through and read it all - there was quite a lot of change. I particularly liked the insertion of what is basically a press release from the Deputy Mayor.

UPDATE: Link corrected.

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The Huntsman said...

During the GB reshuffle someone in Government was updating all the minister's biogs in wikipedia as announcements were being made. I managed, however, to slip in a little fact about Alistair Darling which seemed mysteriously (I wonder why?) to have been omitted. This was a reference to his education at Loretto Public School. It is still there, I am amused to say.