Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Greenwich follies

Thirty years ago, Keith Richard was in trouble for taking heoin. Today, it's smoking on stage with Ronnie Woods:

The O2 was today warned that it could face a £2,500 fine if the Rolling Stones persisted in smoking during their remaining two gigs at the venue – tomorrow and Sunday.

Greenwich Council told the venue today that it had an obligation to enforce the legislation with a fine and potential prosecution if the ban is flouted.
The band's response?
"Ronnie and Keith have been smoking on stage for the last three decades and they're not going to stop for the next two," a source close to the band told Times Online.
There's another way to respond to council officials. During the mid 1970s I used to go to the Kursaal Ballroom in Southend to see Dr Feelgood. One night, a council official turned up, saying the band was too loud. When he ventured on stage, the bass player - the Big Figure - picked him up and dropped him into the audience.

The concert continued.

Another night, the cameras were there. It was this night:

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