Thursday, August 23, 2007

French trawlers kill dolphins

In the Bay of Biscay. Now, if they were American, this would be a cause celebre in the guardian class* media:

Martin singled out French "pair trawlers" that sweep the ocean with huge nets twice the size of a football pitch strung out between them as being especially lethal to the marine mammals.

"Dolphins are sometimes trapped hundreds at a time, and are asphyxiated" when they cannot come up for air, he said. Most dolphins typically replenish their lungs with fresh air every five minutes or so, he explained.
It's also over fishing by French, Spanish and UK trawlers - there are almost no anchovies left.

*This is surely the main class divide right now - between those who see their role as controlling, and those who do the producing. Guardian class media in the UK include The Guardian, The Independent and the BBC.

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