Monday, August 20, 2007

Life begins with a Facebook account

I have a feeling that this is not as guileless as it sounds:

It already has its own Facebook page and more than 100 people want to be its friend — but Bubba Waring, described by its mother as "the world's most famous fetus," hasn't actually been born yet.
... instead of creating a profile under her own name, Gillis said she thought it would be better to do it from her unborn child's perspective.
Gillis said she and her husband had been amazed by the reaction.

"I'm considering whether I should just open it up to the public because I'm just receiving the most ridiculous number of e-mails and friend requests," she said. "We're not going to find out its gender, so it'll be a surprise to everybody when the baby is born."
Why am I suspicious?
At present, 25 people are listed as the baby's "friends", but publicity surrounding the profile has prompted others to come forward and apply to be part of Bubba Waring's (as yet unstarted) life.
That's not such a big reaction. I sense the presence of pro life activists somewhere down the line.

By the way, they don't test for the gender of babies, but rather for their sex. Gender is a useful word that comprehends the diversity of human sexuality, but it isn't the same as sex and conflating the two words is an error.


CountingCats said...

Words have gender, ships have gender. People have sex.

Anonymous said...

"Gender is a useful word that comprehends the diversity of human sexuality": or, it is a bit of prudish Newspeak, that is particularly senseless on a form that asks you for your gender and then gives you the choice of only M or F. Bah humbug.

Peter Risdon said...

Well, in practice it's both. I do think it's useful to recognise that human sexuality is complicated and includes more than two kinds of role. It's also important not to confuse this with a person's sex.