Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Law and order

I'll sleep more soundly tonight, knowing that you can get nine months in prison instead of a night in the cells for being drunk and disorderly. Tough on crime, eh?

David Cameron thinks we should all get involved in tackling crime, and not just people who've tied one on:

To me this is what social responsibility is all about. Not just sitting back and saying that the Government must act, but all of us saying: this is my country, my society, my responsibility - and I must play my part
Stirring stuff. Robbie Moran and Paul Yarwood must agree, as Steve points out:
Train guard Robbie Moran asked a teenage girl to take her feet off the seat. One of the girl's male companions then got up and shouted abuse at Mr Moran. After a short stand off, Mr Moran, thinking that he had calmed the situation down, returned to his guard's van. The youth followed him there and attacked him. When the transport police arrived, they arrested both the attacker and Mr Moran.
Another train guard, Paul Yarwood, was arrested after tackling a drunken fare dodger who had abused passengers and threatened to beat staff with a broom handle. His employer, One Railway, part of National Express, sacked Mr Yarwood for confronting the man

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