Friday, August 31, 2007


Via Benny Peiser, is Environmentalism a religion? You be the judge:

Dom Anthony Sutch, the Benedictine monk who resigned as head of Downside School to become a parish priest in Suffolk, will be at the county’s Waveney Greenpeace festival this weekend to hear eco-confessions in what is thought to be the first dedicated confessional booth of its kind.

Vested in a green chasuble-style garment made from recycled curtains, and in a booth constructed of recycled doors, he will hear the sins of of those who have not recycled the things they ought to have done and who have consumed the things they ought not to have done.

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Tim Worstall said...

Dom Anthony: hmmm, yes, very good with the self-publicity and the sound bites he is.
One of those responsible for educating Mr. Free Market, Peter Briffa and myself: might explain a lot actually.