Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A criminal reported

Indoors! In a public place! Jail her!

An iron-lunged pensioner has celebrated her 100th birthday by lighting up her 170,000th cigerette from a candle on her birthday cake.

Winnie Langley started smoking only days after the First World War broke out in June 1914 when she was just seven-years-old - and has got through five a day ever since.

She has no intention of quitting, even after the nationwide ban forced tobacco-lovers outside.
No intention of quitting? Hasn't she learned anything from Patricia Hewitt? It gets worse:
The 100-year-old, who is awaiting her telegram from the Queen today, said smoking helped calm her nerves during the two World Wars.
Sending the wrong message there, Winnie. But it's nothing an intensive course of re-education wouldn't cure.

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