Monday, August 27, 2007

Lew Lewis

Was one of the bluesmen from the Essex Delta - Canvey Island. For a couple of decades Lewis, along with Mickey Jupp, Dr Feelgood, and The Pirates, deserved the stadium, but rarely got out of the pub. I saw him play once, on a dream bill with Albert King and George Thoroughgood, at the Electric Ballroom in Campden. That was before his stage knee drops crippled him, and his reaction to penury - the pavement (armed robbery) - exiled him to prison, then the void.

But here he is (sound only) in happier days, playing harp for George Melly and The Stranglers:


Anonymous said...

Heyyy! I like that a lot. I'd never heard of either one of those guys. Thanks.

Peter Risdon said...

My pleasure, SEMML.