Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gay Gordon

From the same Wikisearch, I see that on Feb 6th 2006, someone using what seems to be the Cabinet Office intranet gateway edited the entry for Gordon Brown, adding the following:

Rumours over Brown's sexuality have continued at a pace, despite his marriage to Macaulay. The heavy handed stage managing of his romance with Macaulay mangaged to sustain interest in some quarters, and hearsay over relationships with male former parliamentary workers (including now minister [[Douglas Alexander]]) and several leading trade unionists continues to lie low in the Westminster Village.
N.B. - the allegation is of no interest and so far as I am concerned it isn't defamatory to allege that someone is gay. What is interesting is the fact that this edit came from the ip address in question.


Anonymous said...

When I knew Gordon slightly, yonks ago, it didn't occur to me that he might be gay. But, as a gay friend observed, "You're not the sort gays are attracted to". And I was slim then.

Anonymous said...

It was sort of assumed in Labour circles that he was gay in the late 80s and early 90s. I thought he was in the closet because of his religious background. He does have a tendency to mince.