Friday, August 31, 2007

Islamic colonisation of Africa

Not everyone is unaware of this issue. Take two posts from black American conservative Shay at Booker Rising.

This one:

Of course Arabs living in northern Africa have a different agenda. For the overwhelming majority of them are not genetically nor culturally African, but Arab occupiers of black land. This is point lost when Arabs wail incessantly - and expect black folks to follow suit - about Israel's sliver of real estate in the Middle East. Yet if Arabs and their diaspora can call to push Jews out of Israel (their ancestral home) in order to have a Jew-free Middle East, then certainly Africans and us diasporans can call to push the Arabs out of northern Africa (which is not their ancestral home) and back onto the Arabian peninsula and further so we have an Arab-free Africa. Reclaiming this land should be a long-term goal of pan-African unity. However, I would argue that the Arab agenda is hardly hidden, as they've been trying to dominate Africa off and on for centuries.
And this one:
It is great that Africa is taking more of a lead on Darfur. As an American of Cameroonian, Chadian, and Nigerian descent, I am glad that two of my ancestral countries are in the mix. My only concern is whether the allocated troops are well-trained enough and have enough firepower to take down the janjaweed. After all, this may be the reason why the president of Sudan - an Arabized Muslim government that is backing the janjaweed as they wipe out the black population - is so supportive of this peacekeepers proposal.


Anonymous said...

What possesses this chap to suppose that N Africa ever was "black land"? In a free speech era, i.e. my childhood, the natives of N Africa were described as swarthy white men, and as far as I know that's what they always have been. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Spanish and Portugese distinguished "white slaves" - those from Europe, N Africa and the Canaries - from "black slaves" i.e. negroes. The Ancient Gyppos were SWM, surely? Anyway, what do these racial distinctions matter when discussing the horrors of Sudan? We're all human.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, although I would like to be able to agree with his sentiments this bloke has got his biogeography and historical anthropology up the spout. This is thinkong of the "Black Pharaohs" type, utter tosh.

From Egypt to the Atlantic the population were Berber as far back as we can judge.

Not that any of this matters to anyone, other than to those who are obsessed by skin colour. The Arabs are still recent conquerers.

In fact, care to surprise yourself? Look at a map and pick out which bits of the Muslim world were conquered via violence, and which were conquered peacefully. Don't forget to include the entire Arab Peninsula (excepting Medina) in the bits gained violently.