Thursday, August 23, 2007

Are they too old?

For years now they have been trundling on. Decades after their daring early days, now they are starting to look so tired and weary that we can be forgiven for hoping for gentle euthenasia.

Fatuous drivel about the Rolling Stones being superannuated has been dribbled onto newspaper pages almost since I was a teenager. It's time these space-fillers were gently led to their wheelchairs, and tucked up under a nice warm tartan rug while the greatest rock and roll band in the world storms on.

Mick, Keef and the boys are almost as old now as the musicians they tried to emulate in the 1960s. And they are making whole new generations of anal retentives squeal in outrage - though now it's tobacco rather than heroin and mars bars. Is there any more vivid sign of our decline into puritan authoritarianism?


Anonymous said...

Hm. Richards has been having serious problems on this tour: Watch this, esp. around 2:15, but the whole thing is a shambles. Maybe he was just inhumanly drunk, but he's been functioning that way onstage for 45 years. Alzheimers? Wet brain? That knock on the head? Something's badly wrong.

This one, too: Happy.

Peter Risdon said...

This seems OK - same tour, Happy.

Mind you, I'm amazed he's alive at all.