Thursday, August 23, 2007


The Big Pharaoh on female circumcision:

I’ve spoke with several people in Luxor, both Muslim and Christian, and they all thought I dropped from Mars when I revealed that I am against FGC. “Why do you want to deprive a girl of her God given sexual sensation while you’re enjoing every bit of it. Why do you want to cut this tiny winy clitorious while your penis remains dangling there?” I tell them. What was their answer? Girls have stronger sexual feelings and they’re more prone to sleep around than boys!

Their answer tells us a lot about how girls and women are viewed in our male dominate society. Girls and women are viginas that grew legs and hands and a head. They are nothing but a walking vagina. Her honor and the family’s honor lies in her vagina and not in her brain cells. This rationale is a reason of why the hair cover is so wide spread here. Girls are vaginas and vaginas should be only penetrated by the husband and since girls have only vaginas and no brain cells then they need to get covered so they won’t attract a foreign penis and be solely kept for her husband’s penis.
(Spelling mistakes from the original - but how's your Arabic?)

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Anonymous said...

"Women are more prone to sleep around"?! Yeah, don't I wish...