Monday, August 27, 2007

Are they by chance...

... related?

Something's been nagging at the back of my mind. Look at this photo - is it the same woman, or two different ones?

On the left we have the unluckiest property owner in Beirut, 2006 vintage, on the right we have the woman who gets shot at with undischarged rounds, Sadr City, 2007. Here are the full images:


Drinking From Home, the blog where the Beirut pics were spotted, made an image for comparison of two photos. There were the same mark under the right eye, and the same scar on the left cheek:

I've added the new one:

The mark under the right eye does seem to be there, the scar on the left cheek doesn't, but the face is turned away so it's hard to be sure. The face was puffier in 2006, but that was a year ago.

I'm not certain. But if I had to put money on it, I'd say this was the same person. [UPDATE - This morning, looking again, I am certain. This is the same woman.]

If that's correct, what do you reckon brings one of Hezbollah's assets from Beirut to Sadr City? Hmmm...

UPDATE: The back story, for those who don't want to click the links above. A series of photos from Beirut last summer, all purporting to be of a woman standing in front of the ruins of her house after it was destroyed by the evil Zionists, turned out to be of the same woman, in front of different ruins. The ruins were real, the photos staged and the captions baloney. Last week, a series of photos from Iraq of a woman holding up bullets that had supposedly been fired at her house were noticed to be of the same woman, and in one case the bullets hadn't even been fired. They were, in other words, staged.

The mainstream media reproduces these images uncritically, even though they have obviously been produced by propagandists.

Now, if I'm right, it can be seen that the same woman was used for these two sets of photos, a year apart, first in a Shia'a area of Beirut and then in a Shia'a area of Baghdad. I've asked for a second opinion, and the person agreed it did seem to be the same woman, pointing out what looks like a mole on the bottom lip as well.

Even if it isn't the same woman, we see that obviously staged images are offered with arrogance and a belief in the stupidity of the West that Western media organisations have done nothing to undermine.

But if it is, then the interesting question arises: who is the woman? Just a useful model? Someone who by coincidence happened to be used for propaganda in both cities? Or someone of greater significance?


Surreptitious Evil said...

Somebody important's wife or mother (given the misogynist mindset of these folks? Any-one seen "Green Helmet" recently?

Still, we're lucky whoever he is isn't an extremist or we'd never have been able to identify her from under the veil.

Anonymous said...