Thursday, April 17, 2008

Someone had to do it

A friend of mine with a talent for good lifestyle choices (he now lives in Egypt where he can fall out of his apartment in his scuba gear right into the transparent waters above a coral reef) once held the post of Jamaican National Rugby Coach. This was a hellish job: weeks at a time in the Windies, staying in the Governor's Mansion, coaching a team of huge talent in the sport he loves best, and getting paid for it.

But someone had to do it.

If rugby ever takes off properly over there we're going to see some wonderful contributions to the game. But then, we already have. There's a good piece at The Telegraph about players with West Indian antecedents.

By the way, good luck to Martin Johnson, the new England manager. Brian Ashton has been treated poorly but I think Jonson will do well. The one thing we've been lacking recently is the refusal to lose. It's a mental edge. I think he'll bring that the way he did as captain, if only because the players will be more worried about his displeasure than the opposition.

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