Monday, April 21, 2008


From a European perspective, it's odd that creationism has come to be so strongly associated with the conservative right. Even in the USA, where this association comes from, it's hard to imagine a Democratic presidential candidate who doesn't flaunt their religious affiliations - and all religious affiliations bring with them some version of creationism. The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury both take political positions, especially on foreign policy, that are of the political left.

But there we are, that's the association, and it's one that damages the right, in my opinion. There's a very long comment thread at Little Green Footballs that illustrates the split between some rather simple folk who question evolution ("Who created the primordial soup? Huh?") and a smaller number of rational people.

The post at the top of these comments links to this site that debunks some of the assertions made in Ben Stein's new creationist film "Expelled". More seriously, this piece at Scientific American exposes some systematic deceit in Stein's film. Stein has plainly descended to the level of Michael Moore.

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Unknown said...

This is the inevitable result when science is politicized.