Friday, April 18, 2008

Browser stats

From a log size of 500 entries:

I know my readership is biased towards the technical (10% use Linux), but even so that's a big lead for Firefox 2. Munge all versions and it's about evens between Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Anonymous said...

I got my local stats program working three days ago, yeah, lazy, I know, and I was struck by the same thing.

I am not sure it is necessarily a matter of your attracting tech users. I would hypothesise that it is more a matter of those who visit blogs tending towards the higher end of being Internet savvy.

Anonymous said...


IE 230
Firefox 235
MAC Users 19
The rest nowhere

What's this about a big lead?

Did I miss something?

Peter Risdon said...

Um... you missed what I wrote, anonymous.