Thursday, April 17, 2008

China and Zimbabwe

I just received a MMS tip about Steve's report of Chinese munitions and troops being seen in Zimbabwe. Click through and read, but here's the start:

This afternoon, Robert Mugabe's pals in the South African government allowed a shipment of ammunition, rockets and mortar shells from China through the port of Durban. The weapons are destined for Zimbabwe's government militias.

There are reports from Zimbabwe of Chinese troops attacking MDC supporters in the eastern province of Manicaland and of ten armed Chinese military officers appearing with Zimbabwean army colleagues in a hotel in the provincial capital, Mutare.

A contributor to this comment thread on the Sokwanele blog also claims to have seen Chinese troops.
Time for a full international Olympic boycott.

UPDATE: Chinese troops seen in several towns. (Thanks, Steve Hayes in comments)

UPDATE: A South African Trade Union has refused to unload the cargo in Durban. Good for them.


Steve Hayes said...

A radio news bulletin said that Cghinese troops were seen in several towns.

Curly said...

Is it time for Brown to dither again?