Friday, April 25, 2008

In praise of zotero

The fact that half the traffic to this blog uses Firefox is extraordinary. Internet Explorer has seen a collapse of something like 40% in their market share in just two years. There are all kinds of reasons why people have been switching, but Firefox extensions ought to be one of them.

For web developers, and this increasingly includes network application development, Firebug has become the sort of tool you wondered how you managed without. I've been trialling the research tool Zotero for a short while, and it's fantastic. Using it has become second nature. If you stumble on something relevant to research you're doing, click zotero open and file the link, or copy the page, to the right collection.

This is just the start of extended Firefox functionality. FF isn't a web browser, it's an application development framework in which a web browser has been implemented. Completely different applications can be implemented within it, but the only one that seems to have got any traction yet is Celtx.

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