Saturday, April 19, 2008

Green ink

I'm coming to the conclusion that the biggest problem that the libertarian, or Classical Liberal, political tradition has had in this country for the past thirty years has been the Libertarian Alliance. Yes, people like Sean Gabb have expressed libertarian ideas lucidly in lots of media interviews. But their determination not to have a Libertarian Party has kept libertarian views away from the overwhelming majority of the British people (there now is a Libertarian Party in this country and, though I disagree with them on some things, they have my support and best wishes).

The Libertarian Alliance has a blog, and this has about it the unmistakable aroma of green ink. How can anything associated with this type of hyperbole be taken seriously?

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s earth-shaking public demolition, of the “rentacrowd”-fascist-anti-liberal-fabian-nasty-precapitalist-barbarian “consensus”... It’s just that the buggers who want to destroy us because our nation has shown them to be hideous archaic destroyers themselves, got uppity that the truth would be out. The fascist murdering pederast traitorist pig “Ted” Heath, who ought to be disinterred and publicly burnt...
Don't worry: "Stalin" is in their tag cloud, even if it was, unaccountably, left out of the above.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

I wrote that, I did. Yep, I did, about the EP speech. His fate was one of the first modern examples of a "representative" being sacked for representing (to Westminster as it was soon to become, in geological terms) what his electors wanted him to (re)present.

Also I'm in favour of there being a Libertarian Party. It's great that someone has got round to realising the need for one.

Not sure what you mean about "green ink". Can't sort of get the analogy or association there - can you advise? Ta

I might even stand for election in something or other, for it, if they decided they wanted me, but I doubt they will, and I'm quite old anyway and would not go down well on the Booby-See-Tee-Vee (Hee Hee) as I have grey hair, despise and pity Stalinists, and Chris Tame was a friend of mine.