Saturday, April 19, 2008

Same sex marriage, and a Neo-Nazi

There's a good reason why Zoe Brain's blog is titled A.E. Brain: Zoe used to be Alan. I've read some of her posts over the past year or so, and been vaguely aware she is transsexual, but never really looked at her story.

Today I did, and I am glad of it. I had no idea... Here's how Tim Blair told his readers back in 2005:

Received a note from Canberra blogger Alan E. Brain a few weeks ago. Alan—47 years old, married, and a parent—had long imagined he would have preferred life as a woman; he’d even selected a female name (Zoe) at 10, in case of some miraculous transformation.

Earlier this year, the transformation began. Without surgery. And involuntarily. Al was experiencing something known as ideopathic sex reversal:

Basically, my body got radically feminised over 2 weeks (I don’t mean politically either, I’m talking about going from 43-49-46 and a middle-aged spread to 46A-35-46 with associated skin, hair, personality etc changes).

I got more changes in 2 weeks than male-to-female transsexuals my age get after 6 months of massive doses of female hormones. Since then, the changes have steadied down, and are at normal female pubescent rates. In fact it fluctuates on a monthly cycle, 2 micro-puberties per month, one very female, one slightly male, then back again. PMT, menopause, PMT, menopause ... yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.
Zoe is a right of centre blogger. She posted about the rapid changes that were happening to her body here and here. On the latter post, one commenter said:
When I saw Tex refer to your "lifestyle change", I thought, "oh, no, he's become a communist".

What a relief. Good luck!
The title of this post refers to a remark from one of the posts linked above, in which she says that at least she has always agreed with same sex marriage. So have I, and P J O'Rourke summed up the conservative reason for this view when he wrote:
I am a little to the right of Rush Limbaugh. I'm so conservative that I approve of San Francisco City Hall marriages, adoption by same-sex couples, and New Hampshire's recently ordained Episcopal bishop. Gays want to get married, have children, and go to church. Next they'll be advocating school vouchers, boycotting HBO, and voting Republican.
I'm sure PJ wouldn't mind me extending that to transexuals though, now, Zoe is a lesbian - she isn't attracted to men. But she is now in a same sex marriage - an opportunity that should be open to everyone so inclined. Either we can all get married, or none of us should be able to.

For a man with some unfortunate views in this area, George W. Bush showed a civilized side of himself a few years ago:
Louise Casselman, who was at that White House Yale reunion with her husband, Kirk Casselman and a Bay Area contingent, says that although Yale was still all-male in 1968, one alum has since had a sex-change operation. "You might remember me as Peter when we left Yale," said the woman upon coming face to face with the president. George W. didn't pause for a moment, reports Casselman, grabbed the alumna's hand, and said "Now you've come back as yourself."
This isn't a left-right issue; it's a question of civilisation against the barbarians. Which brings me to the post at Zoe's blog that I first read this morning. Hal Turner is an American Neo-Nazi. There are enough links to him already so I won't add another. Today he has been speaking at an anti-immigration rally in Washington:
Not only am I going to give a speech, I intend to bring a NOOSE! I plan to hold up the noose and tell Congress, the Senate and The President . . . . . well. . . . . you know.

I plan to give a specific date by which the government must comply or face consequences the VERY NEXT day.
But that wasn't what Brain was posting about. Here's what Turner wrote earlier - and, in passing, it must have taken him time and dedication to learn to hit specific keys as he thumps his forehead against the keyboard, grunting loudly:

It is time to do to this person what any parent should do to someone who endangers their child: TUNE HIM UP!

Paul B. Ash is the superintendent of Lexington, MA Schools. He has insisted that children be taught about faggotry/queerdom/sodomites under the guise of "diversity." He has even told at least one court that parents do not have the right to take their children out of such teachings despite those teachings advocating a deadly, disease-ridden lifestyle! Sadly the court AGREED with him.

When parents are told by government schools or courts that parents cannot control what their own children are taught, it is time to make use of "the original right of self defense" against that government school and court.

To that end, here's what he looks like:
Then he posted a photograph of the teacher and some addresses. Then:
For those not familiar, a "TUNE UP" is defined as physical modification to improve performance."

It is abundantly clear to us at The Hal Turner Show that Mr. Ash believes he knows what's best for YOUR children; in fact, he seems to think he knows better than parents! It is time to disabuse him of this notion.

I would laugh if some concerned father(s) donned ski masks and gloves, took a ride over to this arrogant pr1ck's house and knocked the living sh1t out of him. I advocate parents using FORCE AND VIOLENCE against Superintendent Paul B. Ash as a method of defending the health and safety of school children presently being endangered through his politically-correct indoctrination into deadly, disease-ridden sodomite lifestyles.

In my opinion if a father is not willing to use force to defend his own child, then that father is worthless. As for the Judge who sided with this arrogant pr1ck, I will have his home address info very soon.


Zoe Brain said...

*was* Lesbian.

Change of orientation happens in about 1 in 3 cases. I never thought it could happen to me... it did. I'm still dealing with that.

Peter Risdon said...

Blimey, Zoe. What an extraordinary journey.