Friday, April 25, 2008

Chinese arms return home

After the dockers in Durban refused to unload arms bound for Mugabe's thugs in Zimbabwe, the ship carrying them has turned back for China. Mozambique, Namibia and Angola had all refused it permission to dock.

“This is a great victory for the Durban dockers,” said Sprite Zungu, of the South African International Transport Federation.

“They took action while the rest of the world, including the UN, the US and even the South African government just agonized and twiddled their thumbs.”
It's no surprise the UN failed to act. The US had no power to do so and the word "even" is out of place before the words "South African government"; Mbeki is the main reason Mugabe still clings to power.

But congratulations to the Durban dockers, and to the governments of Mozambique, Namibia and Angola.

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Unknown said...

And of course, had we chosen to act, we would have been soundly condemned for it.