Friday, October 05, 2007

Rugby quotes

Martin Johnson:

... the Scots wind themselves up into such an emotional state when it comes to the auld enemy, you'd think it was an English Act of Parliament which forced them to wear skirts and make a noise like a tom cat with its tail caught in a mangle by blowing into a bag of butcher's offal.
And a rather more baffling one, from a piece about Che Guevara's fondness for rugby:
By all accounts then, a genuine rugby man and as the Pumas plan and plot to complete their rugby revolution, not the worst role model.
I'd have thought a sadistic torturer is a bad role model, but then maybe that's just me.


Anonymous said...

sadistic torturer

Surely that is overridden by his being a mass murderer?

Anonymous said...

Rugby Songs

Anonymous said...

the scots have to wind themsleves up before a game against england purely because of the differences in skill levels.

They are some way behind england and therefore passion undoubtedly plays a big part in their gameplan