Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goat vows to protect the cabbages


Gordon Brown has promised to open a "new chapter" on civil liberty in Britain, signalling both tougher new anti-terrorism laws and stronger protections for individual freedoms.
Cabbage eating and cabbage protection. Good stuff. Also:
Mr Straw also announced a consultation on the case for a new "British Bill of Rights and Duties".

Mr Brown said that could be a move towards a written constitution.

Liberty, the civil rights campaign welcomed "a change in tone" from Mr Brown compared the rhetoric adopted by Tony Blair.

But the group said it was disappointed that the Prime Minister had not dropped plans for longer pre-charge detention and a national identity card scheme.
Memo to Brown: Constitutions limit the powers of government.

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CFD Ed said...

Maybe Broon hasn’t noticed – but generally, governments don’t hand down Bills of Rights/Constitutions, at least not ones free citizens would care to live under.

No. Normally such things are effectively imposed, upon a Government, by the citizens, to limit the power of those in authority.