Saturday, October 06, 2007

Rugby news

So England beat Australia and France beat New Zealand. This just highlights the difference between northern and southern hemisphere rugby. Structural changes are needed for the south to able to compete at the level of zzzzzppppptttppt...

Scratch that. I don't know when there's been a better day's rugby. Both games ended with a two point difference - enough to be overturned by a drop goal. It was tense, edge-of-seat stuff and a wonderful advertisement for the sport. But if the games had gone the other way, and games can, then there'd have been the sort of soul-searching, "we are not worthy" twaddle I parodied in the first paragraph.

If a northern hemisphere team is beaten by one from the south, then they were beaten in that game. We need to cut the crap about north-south divides. If England play badly, as they did in the first few games of this tournament, then they played badly. No excuses, the players didn't step up. Today they did. Every man.

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Larry Sheldon said...

Every _man_?!??