Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Perfidious footsteps

As a public service, I feel I have to share with you this 1965 anti-pornography film.

I trust your maturity, but be aware - there are several appeals to "the sodomist" in the depicted material. The narrator also makes the very valid point that images like this... and this... and this... have a permanent corrupting effect. As does this one. Oh, and this, and this and this.


Anonymous said...

I found this recently, how odd! Yes its all very funny and a bit twee. But there is a point in there. We are more desensitised. To the extent that when soft porn went mainstream, hard core porn had to wriggle down to ever more depraved depths. To the extent that the coding they now use to assess the top mainstrean porn downloads is on a par with the coding they use to assess rape and violent abuse victims. Nice.

Peter Risdon said...

There's some extraordinarily homophobic stuff in this film. I think that was my main reaction to it. Of course, the stuff about naturist magazines was quite right, and is quite elegantly expressed.

Yes, the boundaries have shifted a lot. But while that might be distasteful it isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm going to post about this at some point, but the evidence does seem to be that violent porn reduces rape and sexual crime.

There's also an issue of freedom here - some people are masochistic and violent porn caters to them, as well as to the more sadistic.

I know this is a major issue for you - I've seen you post about it. You wrote something about gonzo porn recently, I think. I'm curious how you reconcile these threads.

Larry Sheldon said...

George Putnam was a ummmm... colorful personality (KTLA, or was it KCOP?) when I was a kid.

(Google says both, plus KTTV -- which I was going to guess except I could only think of as KTVU which I knew was wrong -- and KHJ.)