Monday, October 08, 2007

Pigs in space

Interesting piece here from ColonyWorlds about the prospects of taking pigs when planets start to be colonised. Sounds very sensible; waste disposal, fertiliser generation, experiment subjects and, of course, bacon providers.

Meanwhile, I read that:

Malaysian scientists and religious scholars are trying to determine how Muslims should behave in space, as the predominantly Islamic country prepares to dispatch its first astronaut next year.

More than 150 delegates attended a seminar to consider how to pray in space given the difficulties of locating Mecca and holding the prayer position in zero gravity; as well as other questions such as halal food and washing.

"It's as important as sending the astronaut," said Mustafa Din bin Subari, deputy director of Angkasa, Malaysia's space agency. "We want to stress that being a Muslim does not restrict you from doing anything."
Except, perhaps, being a rational human being.

No, I don't believe that. It's just the impression these stories give. The idea of people seriously planning how best to keep your ass in the air in zero gravity is inherently funny, as is the wonderfully meaningless process of calculating how to face Mecca when in space.

If I had been born into a Muslim culture, I'd be furious with these superstitious loonies, and busy planning how to get my pigs into space - mollified by the knowledge that the mere fact that I was considering this would infuriate the atavistic morons.


Anonymous said...

"your ass in the air": I protest; there really is no need for that kind of language. "You arse", please.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Except, perhaps, being a rational human being.

Tee hee!