Friday, October 26, 2007

Police Special

Yesterday Leicestershire police confirmed that Ms Pilkington had contacted police repeatedly about youngsters making her and her daughter’s life a misery.

Neighbours claimed that children would bombard Ms Pilkington’s house windows with stones, bang on her front door and shout and call them names.

The pair lived on Bardon Road, an area renowned for children behaving in an antisocial way.
So the mother took her disabled daughter into a car, drove to a layby and set it ablaze, killing them both. Because the police wouldn't do anything effective about the louts in the street.

Did the indifference of the very people she was looking to for help add to the final despair of this poor woman?


Anonymous said...

The problem is ostensibly with the little boys 'we' are raising. The police might arrest them but because of their age nothing will be done. If it turns out they did nothing to help then they are culpable - but at the same time we need to ask what has gone wrong with parenting. What has gone wrong with boys. And why doesnt our justice system tighten its belt?

Peter Risdon said...

It's not boys.