Friday, October 05, 2007

Iran worried

The recent Israeli airstrike in Syria may be causing some sleepless nights in Iran. Ynet reported:

"Russian experts are studying why the two state-of-the art Russian-built radar systems in Syria did not detect the Israeli jets entering Syrian territory. Iran reportedly has asked the same question, since it is buying the same systems and might have paid for the Syrian acquisitions."
Expensive air defences not going to work, chaps?

Meanwhile in London, this Sunday there's a demonstration in support of Al Quds day - the annual festival of supremacy started by the mad Ayatollah Khomeini after he came to power. There's also a counter demonstration, meeting at 12:00 noon in Picadilly Circus. An explanatory pdf can be downloaded here:
In the last three years, the rulers of Iran have:
- Stoned to death women and men accused of adultery
- Hanged a 16 year old girl,Atefah Sahaaleh, who had been sexually abused since childhood, for "crimes against chastity"
– Hanged two gay teenage boys, later alleging that they had committed rape
– Engaged in brutal persecution and ethnic cleansing of Iran's Ahwazi Arab minority
– Sponsored a conference in Tehran for anti-Semitic and racist Holocaust deniers from around the world
– Arrested and brutalised bus drivers,students, teachers and other workers trying to engage in trade union activity
– Violently broken up a demonstration by thousands of women in Tehran to mark International Womens' Day
– Arrested women for dressing "immodestly" and young people for holding rock concerts
– Imprisoned and tortured academics, journalists and webloggers and closed down reformist newspapers.

We are demonstrating in opposition to Al Quds Day and the Government of Iran, and in support of the people of Palestine, Israel and Iran.

What is Al Quds Day?

In 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic regime in Iran, called for a demonstration on the last Friday of Ramadan to support the "liberation" of Jerusalem (Al-Quds). Since then, Islamist groups supporting Khomeini's extremist ideology and the theocracy he established in Iran, have held Al Quds Day demonstrations across the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and its supporters have latched onto the Israel/Palestine issue in order to rally support for a regime which imprisons, tortures and executes thousands of Iranians, students, women, gays, trade unionists, liberals, socialists, ethnic minorities, and political dissenters.

Who are we demonstrating against?

The demonstration we are opposing is organised by supporters of the Iranian regime calling themselves the "Islamic Human Rights Commission". The IHRC is not a human rights group.

Over the years the IHRC has joined forces with other anti-democratic Islamist groups, including the vicious Hizb ut Tahrir. Regrettably, this demonstration is also being supported by the 1990 Trust, which is a non-Islamist advocacy group that supports black people in Britain.
The 1990 Trust also finances BLINK, the racist internet magazine, and their support is unfortunate but not surprising.

If you're in London this Sunday, why not go along to show these maniacs they do not own the streets?


Anonymous said...

Now that the Israelis have shown that Iran's Russian made "air defences" are about as useful as an ash tray on a motorbike, nice to know that those degenerate ayatollahs are in for good long stretch of sleepless nights. Hopefully, their white nights will come to an end in the not too distant future when ,boof, they wake up to find their nuclear clobber is dust blowing in the wind.
Be there on Sunday. The Iranian regime is one of the most disgusting the planet has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

state-of-the art Russian-built radar systems

Seriously? If so, that will be a first.

I thought Russian stuff was used, not because it was good, but because it was all they could get?

Anonymous said...

Iran shares borders with bits of the world that Russia would probably like to rule again. So perhaps Russia wouldn't sell the very best kit to Iran.