Monday, October 22, 2007

Algerian landmines

It seems that:

France has given Algeria details of where its forces laid millions of landmines half a century ago. Antipersonnel mines were planted on the borders of the country during the Algerian war of independence to stop troops attacking the French colonial army from bases in Morocco and Tunisia. Algerian newspapers regularly report deaths and injuries, particularly of shepherds and children, from mines laid during the 1954-1962 war.

Let me understand this.

The war ended in 1962.

In 2007, 45 years later - after forty five years of dead and maimed children and other civilians - after nearly half a century, France has given Algeria plans that could help prevent this death and suffering.

What kind of person could allow this suffering and death - preventable suffering and death - to continue for forty five years? What kind of people, because there have been several generations of functionaries and politicians involved in this?


Anonymous said...

People who have not had some quid pro quo from Algeria, presumably.

Anonymous said...

Because they want oil.. why don't they return the archives and the missing artifacts to them as well?