Friday, August 08, 2008

Perpetuating the problem

I noted a few days ago that while the Mulsim Brotherhood has called for an end to the sexual harassment of women tourists in Egypt, they restricted this just to tourists. What of Egyptian women themselves?

An advertising campaign running at the moment might answer this:

“You Can’t Stop Them, but You Can Protect Yourself.”

“A Veil to Protect or Eyes Will Molest”

Not all Egyptians are impressed.

Experience suggests, also, that when male Egyptian chauvinism and sexual repression boil over into mass public sexual assaults, veils do not protect women.

The problem is not female beauty, it is a male syndrome rooted in cultural and religious pathologies. These have to be addressed, not perpetuated, for progress to be made. The Muslim Brotherhood, and those behind these advertisements, by perpetuating the idea that male sexual aggression against women is inevitable unless women walk around in dustbin bags, are perpetuating the problem.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Women who fall for this crap must be really, really stupid. Or ugly and envious?