Monday, August 18, 2008

Saved by the police

People in Kent can sleep more soundly, following the seizure of a board game from a climate protest camp. The game, called 'War on Terror', allows players to struggle against one of their number - the terrorist state - and they get to poke fun at George Bush at the same time.

So far, so innocent you might think. But the player selected randomly by a spinner to be the terrorist has to wear a balaclava with the word "Evil" stitched across the front. Kent Police seized the game because the balaclava can be used - by a real terrorist - to conceal their identity.

Now if a real terrorist wants to conceal their identity with a balaclava with the word "Evil" emblazoned on it, they'll just have to go and buy one in the normal way. And they'll have to do their own damn embroidery.


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Anonymous said...

I don't recall any of the most recent crop of terrorists actually using balaclavas anyway.