Friday, August 29, 2008

Beauty and the beast

In Arabic, Al Wahsh means the beast or the monster. Nabih Al Wahsh, an Egyptian lawyer and activist, said this during an interview in 2005:

Nabih Al-Wahsh: No, there hasn't been a single modest and devout woman who follows her traditions and religion that was raped.

Host: It does happen. She was raped because the rapist was a sick man.

Nabih Al-Wahsh: No. Such a thing never happened.

Muna Hilmi: Why didn't those who raped her obey the commandments of your religion and treat her with respect?

Nabih Al-Wahsh: Because she was promiscuous. Because it was she that encouraged them to rape her.
This is what he looks like:

In 2007, he demanded that the hands of a television presenter called Abeer Sabi be amputated, to punish her for taking off her veil. This is what she looks like:

More faces of evil from Egypt here.


Anonymous said...

You kind of feel sorry for the host there; he's obviously wondering 'Just what did I do to deserve to have this moron on my show...'

B8ovin said...

When I was in my twenties I was promiscuous. No wait, that can't be...I'm a male.

cabalamat said...

This, and your previous article, illustrate why religion is irrational, dangerous, and must be reduced in importance. The question is, how?