Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cutting its tongue off with a knife

A curious deposit all over my snuff-box, evidently residue of moisture acting on lacquer.
George Orwell's diaries are being blogged. This, from my feed reader for today*:
Am told the men caught another snake this morning – definitely a grass snake this time. The man who saw them said they had tied a string round its neck & were trying to cut out its tongue with a knife, the idea being that after this it could not “sting.”
1938. He was in a sanitorium.

*Well, yesterday. It's past midnight.


Mac the Knife said...

Think that would work on Harriet Harpy? How's the pooch incidentally? Been meaning to ask...

Peter Risdon said...

Mac, sorry to be so slow. The pooch is doing well. Back to normal, really. Thanks very much for asking.