Friday, August 08, 2008

Ultimately halting capitalism

Important news from Scotland:

Social War Not Climate Chaos! Starting Tuesday, daily meetings at the Scottish Barrio from 5-7 PM will explore how the climate crisis, a facet of the more general latest crisis in capitalism itself, can be used to build a new kind of autonomous social movement constituted as a material force...a force capable of confronting and ultimately halting capitalism. These meetings are not on the official climate camp workshop list, of course.
Of course not. So, what's the agenda?
There will be three gatherings of the Invisible International this week.

Venue: Scottish Barrio

Tuesday: Gathering 1 - How do we exploit the crisis that climate change poses to capitalism?
5-7 PM

Wednesday: Gathering 2 - Are we capable of confronting capitalism and how to we constitute ourselves for the next week?
5-7 PM

Thursday: Gathering 3 - How do we expand the possibilities of social war in the coming years?
(emphasis added)

Do I sense a new book from Naomi Klein - Disaster Anti-Capitalism? Because isn't this the reality, that the anti-capitalist movement she belongs to is seeking to exploit the possibility of global warming for their own, pre-existing, political ends?

It's just that the Invisible International is a bit more frank about their agenda than some.

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Anonymous said...

I never believed this was anything other than a power-grab.

Not sure about Watermelons though.

There are enough Greens who aren't anything like orthodox commies.

Oh, I despair. I see the landscape of England and how our beloved "natural landscape" is the work of centuries of landowners and I despair.