Saturday, August 09, 2008

An open goal

There are some. John Williams, in his pomp, playing the second movement of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez.

First movement

Third movement

I don't apologise for getting them out of sequence.

UPDATE: And Miles Davis, with the same piece:


bob said...

I've got a half a draft of a post about this song in my (bulging) unfinished posts folder. I love this song. My mum had Sketches of Spain, which I fell in love with as a pubescant boy. Then in Brassed Off, one of guilty pleasures, the piece added quite a bit to the emotional charge of the film, which had extra resonance for me because I'd spent a little time in Grimethorpe in that period. Then, when my first son was in the womb, we got a John Williams Spanish guitar CD which, for some reason, we played to him frequently. (I've now got about a dozen versions on CD, including late live Miles Davis, solo guitar and orchestral.) So, thanks for these two great videos!

Anonymous said...

"My mum had Sketches of Spain, which I fell in love with as a pubescant boy."

Interesting. It's my mom's favorite album. She once told me if she were stranded on an island and could have one record, that would be it.

bob said...

Well, some version of the Concierto is certainly one of my desert island discs, probably the Sketches of Spain version. I think I like it more than my mom does now!

I loved the cool cover, which loses something in CD format.