Friday, December 29, 2006

James (R.I.P.) was right

It's a man's, man's man's world.

Barely five years after the first reports that ingesting semen is a cure for female depression, we learn that housework can help to beat breast cancer.


Anonymous said...

[quote]ingesting semen is a cure for female depression[/quote]

That is quite intriging actually Peter.

Does that mean that all of those old farts that I've heard down the pub over the years saying things like:

"What that Barbara in Accounts needs is a good shagging..."

Could have been right all along?


Peter Risdon said...

Well, not if a condom is used. This rather points to stable relationships too, so the lads in the pub can zip up again.

Philipa said...

Peter - surely it all depends on the sexual smorgasbord on offer. What would you do if faced with Prescott and his cocktail sausage?Sometimes a girl would rather be miserable. Or homosexual. Or celibate.

Or sad and houseproud with huge happy smiley breasts.

(stable relationships? I've always liked the smell of hay lads, now let's find a saddle and a set of jumper cables!)

Peter Risdon said...

Philipa... please. Prescott and his sausage? I've only just finished eating.

(I'll be up all night speculating about the jumper cables)