Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Religious equality in Egypt

The Big Pharoah reports:

Imagine you went to Wall Street to buy a number of stocks. You bought a few shares in a certain bank. When you arrived home, you received a phone call from a Wall Street official informing you that the stocks you bought were nullified because you're a Jew or a Muslim or whatever. You ask the official what does your religion has to do with the stocks you bought. "The bank rules state that only Christians can purchase its stocks," the official answers.

The above might never happen in Wall Street, but here, where modern civilized inventions such as the stock market get coupled with medieval principles, anything can happen. That's exactly what happened to a group of Egyptian Christian investors who bought shares in Faisal Islamic Bank. The Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange canceled their stocks because the bank allows only Muslim to purchase its stocks.

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Dr. Ahmed Wagih said...

I am as disgusted as you are about this, it makes no sense to me. if these were the bank regulations, it should be ejected from the stock excange. I will link to your blog under "Interesting Blogs" section on mine!
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