Friday, December 29, 2006

So farewell then

Saddam Hussein will doubtless be executed in the next day or so; rumours of his death (worth a read even if this rumour is wrong) have already appeared. I don't agree with the death penalty as a rule but situations like Nuremburg and this are exceptions. There is no doubt of guilt, and at stake is the removal of a rallying point for dissidents in a country trying to achieve stabilisation.

Iraq The Model describes the situation in Baghdad:

US and Iraqi forces are heavily deployed on the streets.

We're hearing and reading more confirmations that US military has already turned Saddam in to the Iraqi authorities and I don't think the government is willing, or able, to keep him in custody for too long.
Rumors are spreading fast through phones and text messages in Baghdad, mostly saying that curfew will be imposed in the city tomorrow. No word about that from state TV though.

Friends and relatives are calling me asking me whether he's been already executed, some are claiming he already has.
Meanwhile lots of updates are coming through news TV here; al-Arabiya reporter said the noose is already set in a yard in the IZ. Al-Hurra reported that preparations for the execution are underway and no delay is expected.
Two blogs cited there... and not a mainstream media report worth linking to yet. Breaking news happens best in the 'sphere.

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