Friday, December 29, 2006

That's Right

After mulling over the Indymedia /David Duke tryst I mentioned yesterday, try this nugget from the Libertas site:

In reality, like most young men, gay or not, Porter was certainly not opposed to one night stands, but throughout his life he would also have two (maybe three) monogomous years-long relationships with men. Men he truly loved. Whereas the film portrays him as no better than an animal prowling for sex, in reality much of his life was spent searching for the one true love he felt would complete him.
That's Libertas - the Liberty Film Festival blog. The right wing, conservative film festival blogsite.

One commentator said:
I constantly hear leading conservatives being homophobic, when I know many conservatives who are personally very tolerant and open-minded about homosexuality. Thanks for being a traditional conservative and reminding us all that “freedom” is still a core American value.
With the conflict between authoritarianism and libertarianism clouding what once seemed a clear distinction between left and right, this might seem almost a historical note, but the conflation between left wing and good, and conversely right wing and bad, still infects media organisations like the B.B.C.

That set of conflations was always propaganda rather than analysis, but if you're going to propagandise you need a nugget of truth and as every year passes it seem more likely that the opposite to the conventional wisdom is more reasonable.

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