Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beyond irony

David T, of Harry's Place, has shown how the "progressive" left can be beyond parody and oblivious to irony. David went into a blog run by an "anti-imperialist" called Chris Voidis and in the comments section of a post, typed the following parody of "progressive" opinion about Israel:

Hi Chris

I am thinking of running a conference, to discuss the possibility of wiping the Hellenist Entity from the page of time.

Before the Hellenist uprising in the late 19th century (backed by notable English imperialists, such as Lord Byron), the Greeks were a happy and integrated part of the Ottoman Empire, where they were granted full national rights, and were respected as People of the Book.

The Hellenists carved out their settler state in the Hellenic Entity by two means.

First Greek Muslims were ethnically cleansed from the land which their forefathers had long owned. 500,000 Greek Muslims were expelled. In Crete, they were massacred. We propose that all Greek Muslims, and their their descendents be granted a full right of return.

Secondly, the illegitimate Hellenist Entity was colonised by more than 1.22 million Greek residents who hitherto had been happy citizens of the Caliphate.

As an Englishman, I feel a particular obligation to speak out about this historic injustice. My country was a key participant in the Treaty of Lausanne which created the illegal puppet state in which you live, and precipitated the end of the Caliphate.

It is my obligation, therefore, to ensure that your country once more becomes part of the Caliphate, that the regime in Athens is brought to an end, and direct rule from Ankara is restored.

I know that you have a firm commitment to justice and progressive politics. I hope that you are not a clandestine Hellenist, who will raise some spurious objection to this important project. I am sorry to speak so bluntly, but from my experience, almost all Greeks I have met seem to have some problem with this proposal.

Will you join with me?
And Voidis bought it:
Hi David T,

sure, I would be more than happy. Your english nationalism has caused us Hellenes much trouble. You can take it back now. Oh, and by the way, if we are to restore that Caliphate, then that would be in Istanbul, not Ankara. I have no problems with that.

To his credit, Voidis has not deleted this exchange.

David T has posted a full account here.

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