Friday, December 08, 2006

While we're at it

Another quote from the comments at Harry's place:

No one is pro any and every war. Most people are in favour of some wars. Some people were in favour of a war to remove Saddam. Others are in favour of the current war to overthrow the democratically elected Iraqi government. I understand the latter claim to be anti-war. They are no more anti-war than the former.


Anonymous said...

Well, yeah.

Do "anti-war" people even pretend to be pacifists any more? Like the CND, who without perceptible irony are among the foremost advocates of nuclear armament in the world today.

I think there were, actually, some pacifists circa WWII who didn't consciously want Hitler to win. But times have changed.

No301 said...

Do you know Drinking From Home? He seems to have vanished.