Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Islam is slavery

Islamophobic, or what?

But that's not me talking. This is from a recent post at the website of UK based Islamofascists Al-Ghurabaa - the cheeky laddies behhind the "Behead Cartoonists" banners recently seen in London.

The full piece is headed

There is no Room for Freedom in Islam

and begins:
Despite the insistent pleas of some apologetic sections of the Muslim community and their distorted claims that Islam ‘represents freedom’ and ‘tolerance’. The fact of the matter is that there is no room for freedom in Islam whatsoever, in fact Islam calls for the complete opposite, and end of all freedoms and the enslaving of all people to their lord.

We do not want the slavery to our desires, money, women, man-made laws, Tony Blair etc like that offered by a free and democratic society, rather the Muslims believe in Islam, which is the total submission to Almighty Allah exclusively by worshipping Him (swt), obeying and following his commands and declaring complete intolerance, hatred, disassociation from Shirk (associating partners with Allah) and all of its people (i.e. all Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, atheists etc).

The west calls for freedom of belief, to believe as you wish and worship as you wish and change your Deen as you wish. There is no space for this fallacy in Islam; in the Shari’ah it is well known that we have been ordered with “the one who changes his Deen, [to] kill him.” And although under an Islamic authority nobody will be forced to embrace Islam, we do not accept for people to walk with their idols and crosses in the streets publicly, nor to build any new places of worship (though they may keep their existing ones).

Another recent posting is headed:
(They like capital letters. Hobbies include shouting and hitting forehead against walls.)

It begins:
The vying of various so-called Muslim organisations in the UK to represent the views of the mainstream Muslim community has become like an auction, with the bidding related to the one who can side and ally with the Kuffar against the Muslims the most.

As Muslims living in any part of the world, there are certain invariable rules that are common amongst all Muslims and forms a part of there identity and the privilege to be called a Muslim, any violation of this rule would negate his/hers belief and hence there privilege to be called a Muslim and to be associated with the global Muslim community.

Recent events such as the insult and the ridiculing of the Messenger Mohammed (SAW), has made apparent the stand and clear hypocrisy of some so-called mainstream Muslim organisations. Instead of calling for the Hukm of Allah (SWT) to deal with those involved in insulting our beloved Messenger Mohammed (SAW) (i.e. the one who is proven to have done so, must be executed), they have instead embroiled themselves in a tirade of abuse, condemnation and vilification for those whom stood out to defend the Messenger Mohammed (SAW), giving rope to the Kuffar to attack there Muslim brothers and sisters.

To go even further certain individuals have called upon the police (i.e. Kuffar), to investigate, arrest and to prosecute Muslims for breaking man-made laws. That is enough proof upon somebody to be deemed an apostate, as it is a form of allying with the Kuffar against Muslims, and in doing so has violated a clear edict in Islam, that to ally with the disbelievers against the believers (Muslims) is an act of apostasy.

A section entitled
Kill Those who insult the prophet!
appears to be unavailable at the time of writing, probably because the file was moved after being put online. It seems, from the filename (cartoon.htm) to have been an incitement to murder the Danish cartoonists.

It's a shame I didn't catch it in time. If the open incitements to murder in the pieces cited above were NOT sufficient to bring about their rapid removal, it's interesting to speculate what might have been.


Anonymous said...

If you spend the same amount of time and effort in trying to locate some positives about islam i am sure you will be overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

The peaceful, gentle Muslims are not the ones committing murder, appologizing for the murders and plotting the destruction of outsider's rights. The peaceful gentle Muslims are simply doing nothing and letting the violent Muslims get away with evil and destroy the good name of Islam...

Anonymous said...

There are no positives in islam. Islam is positively negative. Islam is evil. There is no separation of religion and state in islam so islam is not only a religion but a governing entity. We need laws to counter islam so it does not destroy what is good and free. We must open the eyes of those blinded by islam, so they may walk in the freedom of the truth which is not islam.