Monday, February 20, 2006

British Islamists call for British troops to be handed over to Iraqi foreign insurgents

The following piece has appeared on my old favourite, the Al Ghurabaa website


It is about time that the British government and the British public took responsibility for what their dogs are doing in Iraq and elsewhere in the Muslim world. These vile animals seen here need to be exposed, arrested and put on trial in a Shari'ah court. That is why Al Ghurabaa are running a campaign to bring these British soldiers to justice. We demand that the British Government hand over the criminals to the Mujahideen in Iraq to be put on trial.

Considering the tyrannic nature of this government we are pessimistic of the Government response so if anyone from the general public, whether family or friends, recognise any of the culprits pictured or others not mentioned, please send us all information about them to or call us on 07904 034 544

What do you think the would do if they obtained a name and address?

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Anonymous said...

These kinds of muslims will not rest until they achieve sharia in the UK. They are bound to fight until they achieve it. The only way is to remove such individuals from the population, and that can only be done if people who know who they are inform on their activities.
These people have to be loyal to their fellow citizens regardless of religion. That's when it will stop.