Saturday, February 04, 2006

The thoughtful voice of sanity

Javier Novoa, a "simple University student in Texas, US", has set up a blog at to counter the hate sites such as JihadWatch that spread lies about Islam by calmly and dispassionately telling the truth.

In his first entry, which can be read here, he explains his reasons for putting up the site:

"The problem with the United States in particular and the whole world in general is that people refuse to think, and allow other people to think for them. In this time of spreading of information, we have no excuse not to think and question."

Just so. Then, in response to a comment about slavery, he remarks:

"Why should we ban slavery? Slaves can be legitimately captured in Islam on the battlefeild. We do not have to adopt your standards."

Thanks for the thought, Javier.

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