Monday, February 06, 2006

Sit down before you read this...

A British newspaper with guts. Yes, it's true. The Sun published a very good piece by Trevor Cavanagh today - highlighted by The Spectator. There's no weblink, so the Speccie has placed a pdf for download on this link. I've downloaded the piece so if the link goes dead, I can make it available again.

A brief taste from the accompanying editorial:

"Mrs Thatcher used police to face down union thugs during the miners' strike. It was ugly, dangerous and costly. But she knew Britain's free speech and rule of law are worth defending. Whatever the cost"

And Kavanagh:

"Blood curdling footage of masked gunmen and threats of throat-slitting for non-believers - that's what I call offensive.
Here, commentators justify censorship of the Danish cartoons by claiming they are not very funny. That's a cop out. By suppressing these images, we are not only keeping out own citizens in the dark, we are surrendering a hard-won Western tradition of satire which is the true test of free speech.
And as we have seen in riot-torn France and Australia, if it isn't one thing, it will be another.
While we walk on eggshells, how long before increasingly assertive extremists start to demand further accomodation?
What will we do, for instance, if self-appointed religious police start telling non-Muslim women they are immodestly dressed?
Or take physical exception to our unpleasant binge-drinking culture?
Well, at this rate we may well soon find out"

Well said.

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