Friday, February 10, 2006

March for Freedom of Expression

Work has kept me from blogging today, but I did receive this e-mail:

I am canvassing individuals and organisations to gather support for a
march in London some time soon in defence of freedom of expression. I
do not represent anyone other than myself. I am concerned, as no doubt
are many others, that fear, dressed up as sensitivity, may tempt
some in power to allow our most precious right to be circumscribed,
to be eroded. We need to stand up, be counted and be seen. The
strength and survival of true democracy depends most of all on the
free expression of ideas. All ideas. There cannot be any compromise on
this. As Voltaire said to one of his foes " I despise your views but I
am prepared to die for your right to express them "

I am proposing the usual; a march on a weekend day from Hyde Park to
Trafalgar Square. Would you give your support to such a demonstration?

There are some big names already expressing support. If you are willing to help or attend, or even just forward mails to friends, then please contact Patrick at that address.

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