Saturday, February 11, 2006


"Shaikh" Faiz Saddiqi, UK Muslim Action Committee has given a press interview in which he says:

What we've called for really is for the Press Complaints Commission to add that there be a prohibition for the media to print images of the Holy Prophet Muhammad- peace be upon him. Not because we want to enforce our laws upon people.

We have a law prohibiting depictions of Mohammed and we want to enforce this law on others, not because we want to enforce our laws on others...
Simply because we are saying they are offensive.

but because we want to make it illegal to offend us, something that would extend even beyond the scope of enforcing Muslim laws on non-Muslims. Muslims can and do say things that offend other Muslims, within the bounds of Islamic law, but non-Muslims must not have the same privilege.
We've not said it once twice three times and after that any acts that are offending or insulting in the same manner are a deliberate act of malicious provocation.

We have said repeatedly that non-Muslims must not offend us but people still have the temerity not to submit...
So what we are saying that in a civilised community people have a social contract with each other and in that social contract what we have to do is respect each other.

So I'm going to use the language of civilisation to try to impose a completely one-sided version of respect, wherein non-Muslims cannot offend Muslims, but no reciprocal duty exists.

Glad we've got that clear, Faiz.

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