Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ex-footballer welcomed

Graffiti on a wall at a Jewish cemetery in north London:

But fruit extracts are still unacceptable.

UPDATE: Whoops, credit missed. Nicked from the Anorak.


Anonymous said...

The Palestinian rabble in Gaza elected Hamas. They have no right to protest when their terrorist government fires rockets at a democracy and then is walloped.

When Muslims are not busy bullying and killing non-Muslims, they turn to each other in their paranoid state, looking to kill and oppress. Brutal to women, hateful to gays and minorities, Islam is a Trojan Horse in Western Civilization.

Rise Israel! Rise and strike at the heart of a suicide culture that trains children at an early age to "love death" more than Westerners love life. Strike them with an iron hand!

Anonymous said...


The former footballer?

Anonymous said...

Oh and what Scippio said. The Hamas mob are always talking about "Opening the Gates of Hell" and such histrionics. Well let's hope the IDF shove the deranged and depraved fuckers through it.

I'm pissed off. I really am. I've had enough of demented bints who would yank me before a discrimation tribunal for using the phrase "chutney ferret" yet are happy to suck Hamas-cock till it gives them a pearl necklace... Oblivious of course to their role as women under the iron sandal of the Koranimals and the grisly fate of chutney's in Gaza.

Fuck 'em all. Go IDF!

JuliaM said...

Just wait for the cries of 'It's been photoshopped..!' as the usual suspects realise their street thugs have let them down again.

I blame NuLab's education system ;)