Sunday, January 04, 2009

Butter update

Further to this post, a reader emailed me from Israel to report that the butter in their hotel is Lurpak, labelled in Hebrew. This provides the perfect solution. I can stick with buying Lurpak, but spread it on toasted bagels.

Supporting Israel and Denmark is a tough job, but someone's got to do it.


Anonymous said...

Eating bagels certainly is a tough job.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I let the Danes down on the bacon front (Her Indoors has cultural issues); I don't drink Carlsberg and I don't spend money on pornography, but on the other hand, I buy my son a lot of Lego. And if in doubt I eat Israeli oranges, I'm not sure what much more I can do.

Anonymous said...

I have a T-shirt with the slogan:

"I'm a part of the worldwide zionist conspiracy, and I am not even Jewish".

Not that I need to wear it in order to let people know where my sympathies lie; I was having a conversation with someone about middle-east politics for around five minutes before they asked me whether I was Jewish.

Well, no. I'm have an Anglo-Saxon/Celtic ancestry and my faith might be best described as Pretty Hopeless Christian.

Maybe being against the the hanging of homosexuals in Iran makes me gay, and being against the stoning of women makes me female?!?

OK, anyone know any support groups for Jews who are also feel that they are lesbians trapped inside a man's body?

If all else fails, there's always that buying pizza for the IDF option, again. I love that scheme - OK, it might be a little thing, but it at least lets the soldiers on the ground know that not everyone who isn't Israeli is against them, and is thinking about them.

Do they come with anchovies, though? Everyone I know hates anchovies on their pizza, and I wouldn't want my actions to be misinterpreted.

Unknown said...

You buy imported butter? Somebody must here, since the stores carry numerous imports, but why anyone in a dairy state would is beyond me.

There are other ways to support Israel, you know.

Peter Risdon said...

"You buy imported butter?"

Yes. I live in a (mainly) arable area where there's almost no dairy production, but even so it's hard to find good English butter anywhere. Otherwise, I'd buy it.

Anonymous said...

Better Danish than Irish, eh? I hope you use French butter on your croissants?

Peter Risdon said...

DM - President. Of course.