Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why it matters

My post here about Old Holborn had a point I didn't make. I was more preoccupied with demonstrating that I have some kind of basis on which to speak about the problem with anonymity. But here's the point.

I'm saying: my name is Peter Risdon and I'm a freeborn Englishman.

I will not carry an identity card, but I will require agents of the state to carry them.

I will not restrict my speech in any way, but I will require my servants, the agents of the state to do so, commensurate with their role as agents of the state.

I will not justify my speech to them, but I will require them to justify their words to me.

I refuse to justify my actions to them, but I require them to justify their actions to me.

My property is my own affair. How they spend my taxes is also my affair and they'll account for it.

My private life is my own affair. They aren't entitled to any knowledge of it whatsoever.

I am entitled to protect my self and my property, and to bear arms if I choose to do so in the furtherance of that. But I am entitled to tell the state, in its local manifestation, how I want them to protect my person and my property.

Now, right now I can't require any of that. But I'm going to stand here, in my own name, until I can. Bitching from the sidelines under an assumed name isn't going to cut it. You have to get to your feet, as yourself, and make a stand.

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Anonymous said...

Freeborn. I love your creed. You sound like an American. We learned our self-reliance and toughness from your people.

You should move to the Western United States. We live free, hunt, fish, and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as our ancestors did 300 years ago.

I fear that Britania has abandoned its duty to preserve and defend its culture. It has allowed itself to be invaded by a radical Islamic horde that wishes to impose Sharia law in your land. A culture that will not stand up for its values and traditions is a culture that will not survive. Think on this brother.

Britania has allowed an Islamic Torjan Horse within its gates.

May this year provide you freedom and good fortune. Live free or die trying!